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How To Get Started with QA

We’ve all been there. You’re fresh off a new release and busy working away on building new features for the next milestone when suddenly, a flood of support tickets start coming in. Your users have found a bug. And not a tiny bug either. A gut-wrenching, data-deleting bug.

The alarms sound. Production is shut down. It’s all hands on deck to rectify this error. Your team drops everything to solve this before your company loses thousands of dollars, or even worse, thousands of customers. Now if only you had caught this ahead of time. If only you had set up a proper QA environment. If only you had a plan.

Create A Test Plan
Setting up a proper QA process is key to a successful, bug-free release. The first step in the process is to create a test plan, or a record of the process itself. In order to understand what tests need to be created, start by laying out the scope of your website or application to develop a test plan.

Begin your test plan document by creating a plan for each level of test…