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Getting Started With Qanairy: How to Autogenerate Tests [Part 1]

As your product becomes more robust and complex, the necessity for an effective test automation tool becomes more and more apparent. That's because in most cases, only a relatively small percentage of your tests will be maintained frequently enough to still test accurately, often leaving upwards of 80% of your environment untested. That's where the magic of Qanairy comes into play.
Welcome to Part 1 of Getting Started With Qanairy. Qanairy is an intelligent test automation tool that uses AI to help teams find, create, and maintain your user interface (UI) tests for website and web app quality assurance. Over the course of this four-part series, I’ll be showing you how to start autogenerating tests, review the parts of a test, how to run tests, and how to test user authentication powered by Qanairy.
Let's jump right into Part 1, which is dedicated to the time-saving process of auto test generation.
If you operate a software company, this may be an all too familiar situation. Y…