Getting Started With Qanairy: How to Autogenerate Tests [Part 1]

As your product becomes more robust and complex, the necessity for an effective test automation tool becomes more and more apparent. That's because in most cases, only a relatively small percentage of your tests will be maintained frequently enough to still test accurately, often leaving upwards of 80% of your environment untested. That's where the magic of Qanairy comes into play.

Welcome to Part 1 of Getting Started With Qanairy. Qanairy is an intelligent test automation tool that uses AI to help teams find, create, and maintain your user interface (UI) tests for website and web app quality assurance. Over the course of this four-part series, I’ll be showing you how to start autogenerating tests, review the parts of a test, how to run tests, and how to test user authentication powered by Qanairy.

Let's jump right into Part 1, which is dedicated to the time-saving process of auto test generation.

If you operate a software company, this may be an all too familiar situation. Your developers will spend hours to days writing tests, only to have them all break with the newest code release. Or perhaps, your developers spend all their time fixing these existing tests, but never get the chance to prioritize tests for newly developed features. Or, you wish you could forgo writing test scripts altogether so you can focus on what's most important; building your product.

If this resonates with you, then it’s time to implement test automation the Qanairy way.

Add A Domain

Getting started with Qanairy is quick and easy. All it takes is 5 minutes!

The first step to setting up Qanairy is to add a domain name. Once you login to Qanairy you are presented with the option to add a domain. Start by adding a public-facing url. We advise that you select your staging environment so as not to affect your analytics statistics.

Select “Add Domain”. Enter your url, select the default browser you use to test in, and consent to letting Qanairy run on your site. You can also add a logo to easily and quickly identify your domain. Make a mistake? Don’t worry. These settings can be updated at anytime.

Qanairy is designed to help you perform QA across multiple websites simultaneously. Add as many domains as needed to keep your company and product in tip-top shape. Qanairy’s domain page allows you to manage all of your domains in one location. Need to switch to a new domain? Just select the domain you want from the domain dropdown in the top right of the menu bar. Alternatively, you can select the “Manage Domains” dropdown to get to all of your available domains and then select the card of the domain you want to proceed with testing. Qanairy will instantly load up all of your tests and allow you to pick up exactly where you left off.

Start A Discovery

Once you’ve selected a domain, proceed to the “Discovery” page. Here you can begin the process of finding and creating your user interface tests with our auto test generation. Click “Start Discovery” to launch Qanairy’s AI and have it begin crawling your site. Qanairy will go through your site just like a user would, clicking every button, visiting each link, and filling out every form. Qanairy is not framework dependent, which makes it ideal for both websites and web apps alike.

As the AI goes through your site, it will create a new UI test every time it finds a page state change. Qanairy reviews every page of your project, attempting to interact with every element on the page, performing every possible action it can on each element. Qanairy then builds these tests in real time and hand delivers them to the “Discovery” queue for review.

Stop A Discovery

At Qanairy, we understand that even the best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry. That's why we built in a backup plan for you. 

In the case of an emergency, such as web traffic issues, or other DevOps needs, you have the ability to stop a discovery. However, frequent cycling between starting a discovery and stopping a discovery is not recommended as it resets the discovery process. Stopping a discovery should not be done unless it is absolutely necessary. Stopped discoveries will cease to return auto generated tests to the "Discovery" queue. Any process currently running at the time of stopping a discovery will finish what it's doing before coming to a complete stop.

Next Up: How To Verify Your Tests [Part 2]

Well that wraps up Part 1 of the Getting Started With Qanairy series. That's all it takes to start generating real UI tests, all without any big forms or tests recorders. Stay tuned for Part 2 where we go over how to review and verify your tests!


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