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Getting Started With Qanairy: How to Review and Verify Tests [Part 2]

Welcome to Part 2 of the Getting Started with Qanairy series. In Getting Started with Qanairy: How to Autogenerate Tests [Part 1] we covered “Discovery”, Qanairy’s test finding and building process. In this section we're going to take a look at how to identify and run the tests autogenerated by your discovery. Tests are the core of Qanairy’s automation system; we strive to make them easy to use with simple visual data and run results. Manual testing these tests is time consuming and doesn’t scale well with today’s agile development cycle.

The Cure to Manual Testing

Manual testing can often be challenging as humans, because we can only retain so much visual information at one time. It’s the visual changes that we look for when testing, but often the differences are so subtle that it’s hard to know if anything changed at all. On top of that, visual verification only accomplishes one part of the problem; manual testing functionality is a whole different beast. Qanairy mitigates that wi…