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Qanairy Wins Best In Transfer Learning Technology

We’re excited to announce that Qanairy has won a 2019 AI TechAward in the category: Best in Transfer Learning Technology. The 2019 AI TechAwards celebrate technical innovation, adoption, and reception in the AI, Machine Learning & Data Science industry. The award will be presented at the 2019 AI TechAwards Ceremony during AI DevWorld, the largest national Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, & Data Science conference.

Transfer On Over to Qanairy Today

The 2019 AI TechAwards received hundreds of nominations, and the Advisory Board to the AI TechAwards selected Qanairy based on three criteria: Attracting notable attention and awareness in the AI, Machine Learning & Data Science industryGeneral regard and use by the developer & engineering community Being a leader in its sector for innovation
“Qanairy is a great example of the newest AI & Machine Learning technologies now allowing developers & engineers to build upon the burgeoning AI industry. Today’s cloud-bas…